Designer Radiators for Living Rooms

The aspiration for designer radiators in modern homes has seen an end to the installation of unattractive, clunky radiators, which used to be the only heating option available.

The variety of radiators on the market right now is staggering, and we should know; we stock most of them!  Available in a range of shapes, sizes and colours, you can find a radiator for your living room that will suit your taste, budget and space.

If you’re redecorating your living room, why not finish it off properly and give your heating a makeover too?  A designer radiator will bring both style and function to your lounge; a modern twist on a traditional necessity.

Let’s take a look at some of our designer radiators which could be just perfect for your living room.

Best Designer Radiators for Living Rooms

Aspen Radiators

Kartell’s Aspen range of radiators is perfect for living rooms, no matter what size.  Every radiator in this range boasts a super high heat output, and a stylish, sleek design.

Each of the designs comes in three colours; white, anthracite, or polished steel. Both horizontal and vertical options are available to make the most of your wall space. There are also single or double versions of each radiator to choose from.  For larger living rooms, you could pair horizontal and vertical Aspen radiators for double the warmth!

Aspen White Single Horizontal Radiator

Nova Radiators

Nova radiators feature an oval panel design, giving them a better heat output than standard flat panel radiators.  As with the Aspen range, they’re available in horizontal, vertical, single and double options.  Depending which you go with, they’re available in up to ten different sizes.  The Nova Duo horizontal radiator is pictured below in anthracite. However, all Nova radiators are also available in white.

anthracite horizontal radiator
Nova Duo Horizontal Radiator in Anthracite

Mars Radiators

However, if you prefer the look of flat panel radiators to the curved design of Nova, then take a look at our Mars range.

Similarly to the other ranges above, the Mars range features single, double, vertical or horizontal versions of each radiator.  For instance, the Mars Deluxe Duo horizontal radiator is pictured below.

white horizontal radiator
Mars Deluxe Duo Horizontal Radiator in White

Unlike the other ranges, however, the Mars range also boasts brightly coloured radiators.  Take a look at the Mars Vitro single vertical radiator for a pop of colour in your living room.

red radiator
Mars Vitro Single Vertical Radiator in Red

For small spaces without central heating, how about this Mars Electro vertical single radiator?  It’s available in six different sizes to make the most of your space, and you can choose from white or anthracite.

electric radiator
Mars Electro Vertical Single Radiator in White

Unusual Living Room Radiators

If you fancy a bit of a talking point in your living room, why not go with a slightly more unusual radiator?

Terma Hex

Firstly, the Terma Hex is one of our most popular products, as it serves two purposes; wall art and heating in one!  A far cry from the traditional radiators of old, it comes in two sizes, and either a black or copper finish.

unusual radiator
Terma Hex Radiator in Copper

Buco Plan

Secondly, the Buco Plan designer radiator comes with a modern vertical frame. It is available in either a white or anthracite finish.  Highly cost-effective, you can choose from three different sizes to fit your space perfectly. 

buco plan radiator
Buco Plan Radiator in White

Terma Ribbon

Finally, if you’d like your living room to have a more industrial vibe, then the Terma Ribbon radiator will be perfect for you.  Available in centrally heated or electric versions, you can choose from horizontal or vertical options in black, copper or metallic grey. The vertical, copper option is pictured below.

vertical copper radiator
Terma Ribbon Vertical Radiator in Copper

If you’d like to talk to us about any of our radiators, give us a call on 0800 0096145 or send us a message and we’ll get back to you shortly.

Designer Radiators and Heated Towel Rails for Bathrooms

Is your bathroom in need of a bit of TLC?  Much more than simply somewhere to house your loo and shower, your bathroom can and should be a room where you can indulge and escape.  It’s where you get ready for the day, and also where you wash away the day’s worries before going to bed.  It should therefore be a place that you find it pleasurable to spend time in.

If your bathroom has seen better days, maybe you’re considering a renovation.  You’ve got it all planned out in your head, the new bathroom suite, gleaming white subway style tiles, possibly some fancy new spotlights for your ceiling.

You can just picture yourself stepping out of the bath, scented candles lit, wrapping yourself in a warm, fluffy towel.  But to get that warm, fluffy towel and complete the dream, you’re going to need a stylish new heated towel rail. 

Luxury Heated Towel Rails

Once only found in the hotels, heated towel rails are now affordable for most homeowners. They give your bathroom a feel of real luxury, and are a practical way to heat the room and give you those warm, snuggly towels you’ve been dreaming of.

Easily connected to your central heating system in the same way as a radiator, having a towel rail fitted is simple.  Don’t have central heating?  No problem; we also stock some beautiful and practical electric towel rails.  Trust us, once you’ve got one, you’ll wonder how you ever did without it, particularly if you have a large family.

Points To Consider When Having a Towel Rail Fitted

So you’ve got your heart set on a snazzy new towel rail to finish off your lush new look.  Here are a few points to consider to help you choose the best one for your bathroom.

  • The size of towel rail needed will be determined by the size of your bathroom.  Take a look at our handy BTU calculator to help you with this.
  • As you would with any jobs around the house that require a tradesman, make sure you use a reputable installer.
  • You can choose to have a heated towel radiator fitted to your existing heating system, just as you would with a new radiator.  Alternatively, you can to with an electric, wall mounted option.

Latest Trends in Bathroom Design

Bold colours and tile art have been some of the latest trends in bathroom design.  Whilst white is still popular as a base canvas, contrasting brightly coloured sinks and loos have featured highly this year.

This trend for bold details that draw the eye has brought a much greater desire for unusual designs of bathroom radiators and heated towel rails.

Take a look at some of our heated towel rails below.  We’ve included some of our more unusual designs to make your bathroom one-of-a-kind.  Also featured are some of our more classic offerings for the more traditional types.

Coloured Towel Rails

If you’ve decided to go with the recent fashion of a white bathroom with pops of colour, then you should definitely take a look at these curved, coloured towel rails by K-Rad.  Available in no less than 18 sizes, and a range of nine colours, you’re sure to find one you love.

coloured towel rails
Coloured K Rails

Blandford Heated Towel Rail

The Blandford heated towel rail gives a modern and stylish look to any bathroom.  Available in a polished chrome finish, you can choose whether you’d prefer the arms going to the left or right.  If you’d like to use your towel rail in summer, when the central heating is typically turned off, you’ll be pleased to know that this towel rail comes with a dual fuel option.

heated towel rail chrome
Blandford Heated Towel Rail

Terma Ely

Really want a heated towel rail but short on space in your bathroom?  This grey corner towel rail by Terma blends practicality and sophisticated design, so that the owners of even the smallest of bathrooms can benefit from toasty towels.

corner towel rail
Terma Ely

Corus Mirrored Radiator

Every bathroom needs a mirror, and this one has the added benefits of being able to dry your towels and warm your bathroom.  Saving wall space and looking stylish to boot, the Corus mirrored radiator is one of our top choices for any bathroom.

mirrored radiator
Corus Mirrored Radiator

If you have any questions about any of our radiators or towel rails, give us a call on 0800 0096145 or send us a message today.

K-Rad (Kartell UK) Radiators

We are delighted to introduce our K-Rad designer radiator collection. K-Rad radiators are amongst our best sellers here at PoshRads, and it’s not hard to see why.

K-Rad, otherwise known as Kartell UK, has established a reputation as a flagship European supplier of top quality radiators and sanitaryware.

Fashions and designers all across Europe have influenced K-Rad’s latest designer radiators and towel rails. They also supply traditional styles that have stood the test of time.  All of their radiators have solid, functional, durable designs that are easy to use and maintain.

Fast Designer Radiator Delivery

No one wants to wait for ages for a company to deliver their item, and then potentially have to deal with a return due to damage in transit.  Because of this, we make sure that we always keep our K-Rad lines well-stocked, and our partners, Kartell Logistics, carry out all our deliveries of their radiators.

As a result, we are able to deliver quickly, efficiently and with much less chance of damage occurring during handling. 

Wide Range of K-Rad Designer Radiators

PoshRads have become famous for quality designer radiators, delivered with amazing service and at a competitive price.

Take a look at our wide range of K-Rad radiators here. And for your convenience, we’ve featured some of them below.

Firstly, the K-Flat Radiator Range

Let’s start with the K-Flat Premium range.  Available in both single and double panel, and with horizontal or vertical options available, the K-Flat has a smooth and simple design and a creamy white finish. 

K-Flat Premium Radiator (Horizontal)

The horizontal K-Flat Premium option, pictured above, is available in no less than 22 different sizes. This means that you can pick one that fits your space perfectly.  If you have a narrow, tall space, you’d be better off with the vertical option, with four sizes to choose from. 

If you do decide to go with the horizontal option with any of our K-Rad designer radiators, take note that the valve, pictured here at the top, could be installed just as easily at the bottom; whatever suits you best.

Our K-Flat radiators are also available in a Standard range.  The vertical single option (below) is available in five sizes, and we also stock the double panel. You can choose to have side panels included or not, whatever floats your boat.

K-Rad vertical radiator
K-Flat Kompact Radiator (Vertical)

Next Up, K-Rad Boston Radiators

Next, let us introduce you to K-Rad’s Boston range of radiators; these are some of our best sellers.  We’re willing to bet this is because they’re all vertical, and there’s a choice of nine sizes, which makes them perfect for awkward spaces.  Choose from a white, anthracite, or chrome finish to match your décor beautifully.

vertical designer radiator
K-Rad Boston Vertical Radiator in Anthracite

The Kansas Corner Radiator

Ooh, we like this one.  Being a corner fitting radiator, one size fits all.  As a result, there’s literally no room that this rad would not fit in, and it would look amazing absolutely anywhere.  If you’ve never seen a corner radiator before, prepare to be wowed.  The Kansas Corner radiator is pictured below in anthracite. Super practical, right?

corner designer radiator
The Kansas Corner Radiator

Are you interested in our featured designer radiators, or any of the other amazing rads on our website? Just send us a message or give us a call on 0800 009 6145 today.

Designer Radiators – The Ideal Christmas Gift for the Person Who Has Everything

Christmas shopping is not an easy task, especially when you have lots of friends and family members to buy for. Every tick on the Christmas gift list is a small victory, but there’s always that one person who seems impossible to buy for. 

It could be your brother, mum or partner, but we all know that one person who has it all.  And those people can be really tricky to buy for.  My mum is one of them.  She usually ends up with about five Yankee candles, as everyone knows she likes them, and we don’t know what else to get!

Our designer radiators are the ideal Christmas present for the person who has everything.  Everyone loves a practical gift; you can’t actually do anything with an ornament!  And a radiator is just about as practical as gifts come. 

You’d be right in thinking that a radiator is a rather unusual Christmas present, but at least you can be sure you’re not buying the same as another family member!  Just take a look at some of the options below.  We know that once you’ve seen them, you’ll agree that everyone would love to find one of these beauties under their tree.

How About a Mirrored Radiator As a Gift?

Far more than just a heating appliance, our mirror radiators give any room an instant feeling of luxury and elegance, and will perfectly complement any modern interior design.

These modern radiators emit exactly the same level of heat as any other radiator of the same size.  And having a mirror incorporated within the radiator will allow your gift recipient to save valuable wall space.

Terma Rolo Mirrored Radiator

Firstly, let us introduce the Terma Rolo mirrored radiator. This radiator is ideal for bathrooms, just pop your towel over it before stepping into the shower so it’ll be nice and toasty when you get out.  Then get yourself ready for your Christmas and New Year’s parties (possibly hosted on Zoom this year!) with the integrated mirror.

mirrored radiator
Terma Rolo Mirrored Radiator

The Terma Rolo Mirror combines a high BTU radiator with a stunning floor length mirror.  Because of this, it’s perfect for the bedroom, bathroom, hallway or, if you’re lucky enough to have one, a dressing room. 

Wet coats after the school run?  Pop them over this and they’ll be dry in no time.  And if your mascara ran in the rain, touch it up in the mirror while you’re there! 

If you’re limited vertically or horizontally in space, the valves can be placed either underneath or on the sides. The silky smooth texture and chunky 40mm bars give this radiator an elegant look, and it comes in four colours.  Choose from Quartz Mocha, Salt and Pepper, White and Modern Grey.

Vetro Electric Soap Radiator

But… But it just looks like a mirror?  How is it a radiator?  We know; amazing, isn’t it?

electric mirrored radiator
Vetro Electric Mirrored Radiator

The Vetro Electric Soap mirrored radiator has a touch screen control, which includes illuminated settings for ease of use.

Besides this, there’s even an anti-freeze setting, which stops the room temperature from falling below five to seven degrees, and a drying function, which switches the unit on at a preset time for two hours.

Perfect for use in bathrooms and wet rooms, this mirror uses infrared heat to keep your home cosy in all weathers, even if we do end up with a white Christmas!

Gift a Terma Hex Radiator this Christmas

If you’re a regular follower of our blog, you’ll have seen this one before.  We make no apologies for featuring it so often, I mean just look at it! 

Terma Hex

The Terma Hex comes in two sizes, and the points where the hexagons break can even be used as hangers for wet clothes or towels.  It’s both functional and stunning.  What more could you want in a Christmas prezzie?

It’s available in either a black matt or bright copper finish. 

And if you fancy a different colour, no problem.  Just tell us what colour you’d like and we’ll get it on factory order for no extra charge!

Terma Ribbon Radiator

If your lucky gift recipient is into a more industrial look, take a look at the Terma Ribbon radiator.  It’s available in both horizontal and vertical options, and a choice of three colours.  These are Heban Black, Copper and Metallic Grey.  This designer radiator features coiled plates around central steel columns with a rounded profile, and is also available in an electric version if needed.  It has a battery-like appearance, don’t you think?

unusual radiator
Terma Ribbon Vertical Radiator

Terma Angus Room Divider Radiator – Perfect Gift for Home Workers

A room divider that’s also a radiator?  Yep!

The Terma Angus room dividing radiator is a great gift if your loved one is now working from home, and is currently using a corner of their living room as an office. 

room divider radiator
Terma Angus Radiator

It comes in two options, either a standard, on the wall type, or as a room divider.  So you can keep toasty whilst working in peace. 

The beautiful geometric design is available in two sizes and four colours; Heban Black, Nickel Matt, Azure Blue and Soft White, so you can find one to complement your decor.

Get Your House Ready For Christmas

The year is flying by – thank God, I personally can’t wait for this one to be over – and Christmas will be here before you know it. 

Buy the perfect gift for all those people who are hard to buy for right here at PoshRads.  And while you’re at it, maybe treat yourself to one of our gorgeous designer radiators.  Lord knows you need a nice treat after the year we’ve had! 

Since it looks like we’re going to be stuck in again for who knows how long, it’s the perfect time to get your house looking fab and feeling cosy for Christmas and the New Year.

Any questions, just give us a call on 0800 009 6145 or send us a message and we’ll get back to you asap.

High BTU Radiators – The Aspen Range

Is there that one room in your house that’s always cold?  You’ve cranked the heating up to full blast, you’ve got your snuggliest winter jumper on, but you’re still shivering.

What is BTU rating?

Not all radiators are created equal.  This is because each radiator has a different BTU.  That stands for British Thermal Units, and it refers to the amount of heat output that you can expect from that radiator.  The higher the BTU, the greater the heat output.

For particularly chilly rooms, a radiator with a high BTU is your best bet.  Larger rooms are often colder, as one little, old radiator with a low BTU is not going to be able to heat the entire room.  Also, the same goes for rooms with more than one external wall.

Aspen Radiators

Kartell UK, otherwise known as K-Rad, have created the Aspen range of radiators for exactly this purpose.  As a result, every radiator in the Aspen collection boasts a super high heat output, and a beautiful, sleek design.

There are both horizontal and vertical options to choose from, and single or double versions of each radiator.  Besides this, each design has three colours to pick from; white, anthracite, or polished steel.

Take a look at a few of the radiators from the collection below.  You’ll be snugly in no time!

Some of our Highest BTU Radiators

Firstly, let us present the Aspen Vertical Single radiator.  It comes in no less than six sizes, so you can choose one to perfectly fit the space you have available. With a BTU output range from 1271 through to 12,283, depending on the size you choose, you’ll be toasty from top to toe. 

As with all the Aspen products, it is available in both single and double panel options.  We think this anthracite finish (pictured) especially adds an element of class to any room.

high btu radiator
Aspen Vertical Single Radiator in Anthracite

Next on our list is the Aspen Horizontal Single radiator.  Like the vertical, it’s available in six sizes, with double or single options, and three colours to choose from.  It even has matching valves available.  We love the white version of this radiator (pictured below); it somehow manages to look chunky and sleek all at once. 

modern radiator
Aspen Horizontal Single Radiator in White

Need An Even Higher BTU?

If you need something with an even higher BTU output than the single, then how about going for one of the double panel radiator options.  Here’s the Aspen Horizontal Double radiator, pictured below in stainless steel.  Trust us, you’ll never have to be cold again with this little stunner in your living room!

Aspen Horizontal Double Radiator in Stainless Steel

If you’re unsure of what BTU output you need to be looking for in order to keep yourself toasty, just pop a few details into our clever BTU calculator, and it will helpfully work it out for you.

If you need any help at all with choosing a radiator that will be perfect for you and your home, just fill in our contact form or give us a call on 0800 009 6145.

We pride ourselves on our amazing customer service.  So, place an order today and we’ll have you snug as a bug in a rug in no time.

Ideas to Create Your Dream Study

Thanks to the emergence of this dreaded lurgy, many more Brits are working from a home study than ever before.  And since we’ve been home more, we’ve finally started to get around to those jobs around the house that we’ve been putting off for years.

Even once COVID has got its dreaded second spike out of the way, it’s likely that a lot of folks will be keen to continue with the home working model on a long term basis.  There are many proven advantages, even when it’s not being enforced by the government.

Are you thinking of making your home office setup a little more permanent? We just know you can do so much better than stuffing your computer and pile of papers under the stairs.  Having that dream office space is sure to make your work a little more inspiring. With a lick of paint, a few shelves and some decent lighting and heating, you could have a home study to be proud of.

What You’ll Need to Set Up Your Home Office

Before we dive into examples of remote office setup ideas, let’s go through the essentials for any remote office.

  • Desk
  • PC or laptop
  • Strong WiFi connection
  • Ergonomic desk chair (don’t underestimate the importance of good posture!)
  • Adequate lighting (natural if possible)
  • Notepad and pens
  • Noise-cancelling headphones (essential if you have kids or pets!)
  • Calendar
  • Plants, art, or other inspiring and calming elements
  • A source of heat

It’s especially important to incorporate heating solutions in your planning. It’s unlikely that you’re going to be particularly productive if your teeth are chattering!  Take a look at our huge range of designer radiators to find one that suits your needs, space and budget.

Where is the best place for my home study?

This entirely depends on your circumstances and is the first decision you’re going to have to make.  Take into consideration the nature of your work, and the people you live with.  If you can’t hack the kids screaming whilst you’re trying to work, a dedicated study in your loft, garage or garden room might be best.  However, if there’s no one else to take care of the little blighters, you might need to keep an eye on them yourself!  This could mean that you’d be better off having an office space in your lounge or kitchen.

Sometimes, when space is an issue, you’ll just have to make the best of the situation and start thinking creatively.  Can you modify the guest room or clear out the garage?  Perhaps there’s space on your landing with the potential to become your brand new study.  Room dividers are a great solution to keep your office private, and your mind distraction-free.

It’s important to consider if you have a socket nearby, as you’ll need to plug in your computer and printer at the very least.  If it’s dark, a desk lamp could also be handy. And if you’re planning on an electric radiator, then that’ll need a plug socket too!

You’ll concentrate much better if you’re comfortable.  An ergonomic chair is so much better for your back than the dining chairs we’ve all been making do with, in recent months.  You should also make sure that the area is well ventilated, and that you’re warm enough.  No one can concentrate when they’re shivering. 

Heating for your study

With comfort in mind, check out some of our beautiful designer radiators.  Heating doesn’t have to be ugly – gone are the days of great hunks of metal ruining our walls.  Our designer radiators are, quite frankly, nothing short of pieces of art!   Don’t believe us? Just check out this funky little number; the Terma PLC is not what you’d expect a radiator to look like at all, right?

unusual study radiator

The choices for heating your office space are endless.  You could choose a brightly coloured radiator, such as the Mars Vitro, to jazz up your workspace, or even one with a mirror built in, such as the Nova Mirror, to preen yourself before your next Zoom call! 

red radiator
Mars Vitro Vertical Radiator in Red

We have a huge range of horizontal, vertical and even electric radiators available, and you can choose the size and colour to suit your space perfectly. 

mirrored radiator
Nova Mirror Single Tube in White

Good Things Come In Small Packages

When space is at a premium, it’s especially important to make the most of the area you have. Desks that fold flat against the wall are a great space saver. 

Vertical radiators are also definitely worth a look. They free up space by allowing furniture (such as your desk) to be placed flush against walls that would otherwise be hosting a horizontal radiator.  If you’ve got a narrow wall close to your proposed office space, which can’t really accommodate anything else, a vertical radiator is a perfect solution. 

Take a look at this Raw Metal Vertical Tubular Steel radiator.  It comes in three sizes to fit your space, and it’ll keep you toasty whilst you work, without compromising on vital space. 

radiator for study
Raw Metal Vertical Tubular Steel Radiator

Study In The Garden

Another potential option if you’re thinking of creating a permanent office space is to have it in a garden room.  The majority of garden rooms are classed as permitted developments, so you don’t need to apply for planning permission.  Just make sure it’s a single storey, doesn’t have any kind of balcony or veranda, and doesn’t take up more than half your garden.  Oh, and you’ll need planning permission if you’re actually planning to live in it.  Otherwise, you’re good to go. 

Whilst the idea of an office in your garden is obviously very appealing – no noise, save for a few bird calls and the rustle of the trees in the wind – it could get a bit chilly, particularly in the winter months. 

When choosing how to heat your garden room, take into account its size, whether it will be needed for year-round use, whether it will be in the shade, and, of course, your budget. 

Use our handy heat BTU calculator to give you a good idea of which radiator will be best for your needs.  The higher the BTU, the greater the heat output.  Just enter a few simple measurements. All of our radiators have their BTU listed in the product description, so it’s easy for you to find what you need.

Electric Radiators for Study

If your garden room isn’t linked up to your main central heating, an electric radiator is a great solution.  The Terma Camber Electric radiator is a great choice of radiator for any garden study.  It comes in three colours; graphite, quartz mocha and white, to perfectly complement your chosen décor.

electric radiator
Terma Camber Electric Radiator in Graphite

For a radiator that’s both vertical and electric, check out the Terma Rolo Room Electric.  Best of both worlds!

electric vertical radiator
Terma Rolo Room Electric Vertical Radiator

The big advantage of electric radiators, whether in your garden room or otherwise, is that they work independently. This means that they offer a huge amount of flexibility and temperature control.

If you’re in your office all day, you don’t want to be heating your entire house.  Keep your central heating off and just switch your office electric radiator on.  Equally, when you’re not in your office, you don’t want to waste money heating it!

If you have any questions about heating your new home office, send us a message or give us a call on 0800 009 6145.

bench radiator

Designer Radiators

A modern designer radiator will add a touch of luxury, style and comfort to any room of your home, without ever compromising on functionality. With a range of shapes and sizes available, a designer radiator can help you to use the space in your home effectively, and turn what could be just a boring heating appliance into an attractive feature.

PoshRads offer exactly what our name suggests, a stylish collection of easy to install designer radiators, all with a high heat output and attractive contemporary looks.

Here are some of the key features of our impressive collection:

Space-saving Radiators

Make the most of smaller spaces and maximise the wall and floor space in your home.  Our tall and slim vertical radiators are perfect for awkward spaces, and also double as hanging rails for wet coats and towels.

Contemporary Radiators

You’ll be amazed at how even the most tired and dated rooms in your home can instantly be brought into the 21st century with the introduction of a modern designer radiator.

Decorative Designer Radiator

If you fancy yourself as the next Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen and have a bit of a knack for interior design, why detract from your chosen look with a boring hunk of metal?  Complement your fabulous décor with a designer radiator and make a statement with your home heating!

High BTU output

Whatever the size of your room, create a stylish, warm and inviting space with our super efficient heating solutions.  All of our radiators have the BTU output listed on the description, so you can be sure of what you’re getting before you buy.

Electric Designer Radiator

No central heating?  No problem.  Our range of designer radiators also includes a vast selection of electric radiators.  These are also a great option for conservatories or summer houses. How about this Terma Camber Electric radiator? It comes in either white, graphite or quartz mocha, and has a contemporary curved design.

Terma Camber Electric Radiator in graphite

A Wide Range Of Styles

Each designer radiator in our collection has been specially selected to enhance the look of your property.

From traditionally styled radiators to more modern designs that make a style statement, we supply designer radiators in an impressive array of finishes and materials to help create a spectacular focal point in any room of your home.

Colour Coordinating Radiators

Want to match your radiator to your décor?  Many of our designer radiators feature a range of finishes and colours to choose from.  Whether you’d prefer white, chrome, black, grey or even raw metal, we’ve got a colour coordinated heating solution for you.

Free UK Delivery

We offer free UK delivery on all designer radiators and designer towel rails bought online.  If you are not entirely satisfied with your purchase, we’re here to help and resolve any issues.

Unusual Designer Radiators for Different Rooms

If you’d like a radiator that’s just a bit different, take a look below at some of the more unusual designs we have to offer.  They’re sure to catch the eye of all visitors to your home, and are instant conversation pieces!

Unusual Bathroom Radiators

As the bathroom is usually one of the smallest rooms in the home, saving space is a common focus when looking for a bathroom or en-suite radiator.  Also, all those wet towels need a place to dry! With this in mind, here’s our first choice for a unique bathroom radiator.

What better way to make a bathroom style statement, whilst making the most of a small space, than with a vertical radiator which incorporates a full-length mirror?

Nova Mirror Single Tube Radiator in white

The Nova Mirror single tube radiator is beautifully streamlined, with the full length mirror flanked by a choice of white or anthracite panels.

Make sure your bathroom is toasty warm when you hop out of the shower.  Then dry your towels over the vertical panels, and get yourself looking ready for the day with this super stylish and extremely practical space-saver.

Unusual Kitchen Designer Radiator

Looking for an eye-catching radiator for your new kitchen? Wall space is very often restricted in kitchens due to cupboards, fridges or other appliances. Because of this, vertical radiators are a popular option here.

This next radiator is very unusual, and has a bit of an industrial vibe.  The Terma Ribbon vertical radiator has an amazing heat output of close to 3000 BTUs, so despite its small size, it will still adequately heat a very large area. There’s also a horizontal option if you’d prefer.

Terma Ribbon Vertical Radiator in black

It comes in a range of colours; heban black, metallic black, copper or metallic grey, so you can match it to whatever trendy new look you’ve chosen.

If you don’t have central heating, that’s no problem, as Terma do an electric version of this radiator right here.

Unusual Living Room Designer Radiator

The living room is the hub of your home, and is likely to be where you and your family spend most of your time.  Therefore, it’s a great place to show off your personality and taste through your choice of décor. 

So, if you’re looking for a radiator that’s totally different than anything you’ve ever seen before, look no further than the Terma Hex!

Terma Hex radiator in copper

The Terma Hex is one of our most popular products, and looks more like a piece of stunning wall art than a heating appliance! 

As practical as it is pretty, the points where the hexagons break can even be used as hangers for wet clothes.

It comes in either copper or matt black, and you can choose from two different sizes.

Unusual Bedroom Designer Radiator

Your bedroom is the first thing you see every morning and the last thing you see every night.  Any heating solution you choose for your bedroom therefore has to keep you cosy, but also be beautiful and stylish.

If you’re after an unusual and stylish designer radiator for your bedroom, take a look at this.  We can’t tell you how much we LOVE this Towelrads Bench Radiator, which comes in beech or oak, to perfectly complement the rest of your bedroom furniture.

Towelrads Bench Radiator

Pop your jammies on it so they’re toasty and ready for bed, sit on it in a morning while you do your hair and makeup on a cold winter’s morning, or just jazz it up with a few ornaments.  The possibilities are endless.

Take a look at our full range of designer radiators

The radiators mentioned in this blog are just a few of the many stunning models we have in stock here at PoshRads. 

Take a look at our full range of designer radiators, which includes straight, curved, horizontal and vertical options, in a range of sizes and colours.  With so many to choose from, you can be sure that there’s a radiator to suit your taste.

Terma Hex Designer Radiator | PoshRads

Are you on the hunt for a new radiator? It could be so much more than a hunk of metal on your wall. In addition to simply distributing heat, our designer radiators can also add to the feel and character of the room that they are in. 

We stock a huge selection of radiators, ranging from flat panel designs for those who prefer a minimalist look, to the absolute ultimate in feature radiators. 

Terma Hex Wall Art Radiator 

If you’re looking for the latter, may we suggest the Terma Hex. It’s one of our most popular products, and it’s easy to see why. The honeycomb design reflects many structures in nature, from snowflakes right through to the structure of molecules. Even honeycombs themselves match the structure of this unusual radiator, making it appear more like a piece of stunning wall art! 

The points where the hexagons break can even be used as hangers for wet clothes or towels. 

If you fancy this as a talking point in your home, COVID has been kind to you for once! This, along with many of our other radiators, are well stocked at the moment, due to the recent opportunity to replenish our supplies. 

Matching radiator accessories 

The Terma Hex comes in two sizes, either 1700mm by 573mm or 1200mm by 486mm. You can choose from a black matt finish, or bright copper if you’re into more of a retro look. Alternatively, you can even get the Terma Hex on factory order in absolutely any colour for no extra charge. 

Matching Terma valves are available for this product, with both straight and angled options. You can choose to have a left hand or right hand version, as this will determine which side the thermostatic control sits on. The manufacturer recommends that you place the controls on the same side as the water feed. 

PoshRads also supply pipe masking sets, to ensure that your new radiator blends seamlessly into your home, without any unsightly pipes on display. 

No idea whether you need straight or angled valves? Unsure whether you need a left or a right hand version? Just give us a call and our helpful staff will help to guide you through your options. 

The perfect time for home improvements.

“Oh God, not another Covid blog!” I hear you cry. Not quite, more about the opportunity it’s given us to get on with home improvements! 

If you’re sick of the doom and gloom of recent times, turn that frown upside down, as this is a positive post. 

Throughout lockdown, tradesmen have been allowed to carry out maintenance work in people’s houses, as long as the residents weren’t showing COVID symptoms. However, folks were reluctant to allow others into their homes in case they had the dreaded lurgy! 

Since the government have relaxed guidelines, people are now much more comfortable to allow family, friends and tradesmen into their homes. 

More time and money for home improvements 

If you’re still working from home, now is a great time to crack on with those home improvements that you’ve been meaning to get around to. 

Maybe your travel provider has cancelled your dream holiday (gutted!) and you’re wondering what to do with the money you’ve been refunded. 

If your company has put you on furlough, and you have actually completed Netflix, don’t sit there twiddling your thumbs. Instead, crack on with some of these top tips for keeping your mind occupied and improving your home. I mean if you’re going to be stuck in your house for any length of time, you might as well make it look nice! 

Top tips for keeping busy and improving your home

  • Walls looking a bit grubby? Grab that paintbrush and do some touching up. 
  • Get the weeding done. It’s good exercise, keeps you busy and makes your house look better all in one. Boom! 
  • Do one cupboard, drawer or wardrobe each day, and it won’t seem like such a massive task. Bag up anything you don’t need and donate it to charity. 
  • Put up some shelves. This goes well with decluttering. You’ll have somewhere to put all those bits that you’ve discovered! 
  • Re-paint your front doors. Instantly smarter house! 
  • Update your radiators. Old, clunky radiators with peeling paint? Beautiful designer radiators will bring a massive aesthetic improvement to your home. 

There’s no better time to order your new designer radiator 

There’s no better time to place your designer radiator order with PoshRads, as all this downtime has given us chance to replenish our stock. 

Our renowned customer service is as amazing as ever. On top of our usual fabulous service, we will ensure that all our radiators are delivered in line with all COVID regulations. Gloves, masks, two metres away, you know the drill! 

Take a look at all our fabulous options here, and we look forward to delivering your snazzy new radiator soon! 

Why good customer service is so important to us


Here at PoshRads, we pride ourselves on excellent customer service. Ensuring that you have a positive experience when buying one of our beautiful designer radiators is the single most important factor that we focus on. 

Whether your experience as a buyer is bad or good, you’re going to tell people. Ultimately, this means that your experience of buying a radiator from us will dramatically impact our growth as a business. 

Customer service can so often take a back seat to the daily demands of running a company. Here are the reasons why we think that great customer service should be the number one priority of any business. 

Our Excellent Customer Service:

Retains Customers

Keeping our customers loyal to PoshRads is much less expensive than it is to find new ones. Studies have shown that customers who feel that a business is trustworthy are a whopping 60 to 70 percent more likely to return to make further purchases. We will walk you through every step of the process of buying your new radiator, as well as the aftercare, including any concerns you may have after purchasing from us. 

Provides Value

We aim to provide excellent value for money, both in our designer radiators, and in all dealings with our customers. Any good customer service program should focus on treating its customers well. PoshRads do this by answering your questions thoroughly, being courteous and friendly, and exceeding your expectations in all communications with us. This approach helps us to engage with our customers and build strong relationships with them. 

Reduces Employee Turnover

Employees want to work for companies that appreciate their workers, encourage innovation and treat their customers fairly. People who work for an employer that provides excellent customer service are much more engaged in their work, and tend to stick with the company through any challenges that the business may face. 

Prevents Business Failure

The majority of UK businesses fail within the first three years. One of the key reasons for this is poor customer service. Buyers quickly get frustrated with problems that are not addressed, with the main issue being poor communication. Therefore, great communication equals happier customers, leading to a thriving business. 

And finally…

Great Customer Service Creates Endorsements

Happy customers provide positive endorsements and online reviews, which will help a business to strengthen their brand. Research shows that 97 percent of customers will go on to tell other people about an excellent experience. Since many people make purchasing decisions based on recommendations from friends or family, it makes sense to keep our customers happy.

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